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As a multimedia artist, Masako Miki navigates diverse mediums, including textile sculpture, watercolor, and outdoor public installations to explore the intersection of mythology, folklore, and contemporary social issues. Miki has exhibited her immersive felt sculptural installations and watercolor works on paper in the US, and internationally.  She has exhibited at institutions including Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and de Young Museum. Inspired by Shinto’s animism, Miki attempts crafting new mythologies concerning cultural identity as social collectives.  Miki was a recipient of the 2018 Inga Maren Otto Fellowship Award from Watermill Center in New York, also has been a resident artist including de Young Museum and Facebook HQ.  Miki’s work is in collections at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Colección Solo in Spain, The Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation, Facebook, Inc., and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.  Miki’s monumental outdoor public art installation at Uber HQ in San Francisco and OH Bay cultural coastal park in Shenzhen China is on view.  She is currently working on Mina and Natoma Street Corridor Project with SFMOMA and SFAC designing functional sculptures. Miki is a native of Japan and currently based in Berkeley, California.  She is represented by RYANLEE Gallery in New York.

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